School Values and Ethos

At Shepherdswell Academy, we believe that our ethos and values underpin everything we do and who we are.

We believe that together we learn and grow and we aim to achieve this through effective learning systems and opportunities, along with clear expectations as they are integral to fostering positive behaviours and attitudes to learning.

The approach we take to our curriculum learning and the way pastoral development integrates with academic learning enables each and every child to learn and grow. All members of our school community are valued equally. We rely on a positive partnership between pupils, staff, parents and carers, visiting professionals and the wider community. We want pupils to be the best they can be, be successful, value their achievements, monitor their own progress and celebrate the success of others.

At Shepherdswell Academy we are:

  • Ready to learn and participate in school life
  • Respectful of the individual differences, opinions and values of each other
  • Safe in our actions and behaviours towards ourselves and others

We learn and grow through:





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