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At Shepherdswell Academy we believe in providing the children with a broad, enriched curriculum which allows the children to reach their full potential.

We provide children with positive learning experiences which embed their learning skills from across the curriculum. We motivate and inspire pupils through our creative curriculum and teaching which is innovative, well paced and child initiated. We are passionate about providing children with opportunities to apply their knowledge and understanding of the curriculum and we offer a range of trips and visits to enhance their learning in school.

At Shepherdswell Academy our teaching and learning is driven by our half term topics to ensure we strengthen our community links, welcoming visitors into school and visiting our local area, allowing possibilities and enriched experiences daily though our teaching and learning and celebrating our diverse community through celebrating and educating about different cultures.

Our topics for the 2019-2020 academic year are:
  • Tales as old as time
  • Let’s celebrate
  • Going wild
  • Spring watch
  • Time travellers
  • Up, up and away

These topics are themed to encompass all subject areas in a cross curricular themed approach to learning. Through our teaching and learning we use the continuous provision approach to learning tasks to allow children to challenge themselves and select learning opportunities for themselves.

Our curriculum stems from three key questions to ensure we provide the structure of a broad and enriched curriculum.

What are you trying to achieve through your curriculum? (Intent)
  • Skills and knowledge based curriculum allowing opportunities for all.
  • Skills based curriculum that allows practical experiences and consolidation opportunities with children driving their outcome-not the teacher.
  • Knowledge based curriculum which sets the foundations of teaching, planning and assessment. We empower knowledge through our high quality teaching using the skills of learning to get us there.
  • Enrichment opportunities and experiences for our children at Shepherdswell. The range of subjects we make available, particularly for disadvantaged groups and pupils with low attainment. (text links, Art/DT, forest school, after school clubs, celebration assemblies, event days)
  • Cross curricular links to strengthen skills and consolidation of learning.
  • How is your curriculum being delivered? (Implementation)
  • Hooks for learning and experiences planned half termly. Child centred focus with interests and worldwide focuses being taught. We map these teaching and learning experiences within our medium term planning and using our online assessment tool to assess skills and their knowledge obtained.
What difference is your curriculum making? (Impact)
  • Cross curricular links within the topic are being strengthened.
  • Subject leaders have an overview of the teaching and learning within their subject areas.
  • Writing opportunities through topic writing and English is improving our attainment of writing.
  • Using our online assessment tool to track the coverage and teaching of skills and showing how previous knowledge is built upon over the year.

Curriculum polices were updated and ratified by the standards committee in June 2016.


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