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Meet The Staff

Mrs Ryan – Headteacher


Miss Whitehead –EYFS Squirrels class teacher

Miss Hashimy – EYFS Hedgehogs class teacher

Mrs Charters – EYFS teaching assistant

Miss Harrison – EYFS teaching assistant

Miss Wiltshire – EYFS teaching assistant

Year 1

Miss Robinson – Teaching and Learning Lead and Year 1 Owls class teacher

Mrs Brackenbury – Year 1 Woodpeckers class teacher

Mrs Craven – Year 1 Woodpeckers class teacher

Mrs Swan – Year 1 Owls teaching assistant

Mrs Wakefield – Year 1 Woodpecker teaching assistant

Year 2

Mr Loader – Teaching and Learning Lead and Year 2 Foxes class teacher

Miss Noctor – Year 2 Badgers class teacher

Ms Ambreen – Year 2 Foxes teaching assistant

Miss Bright – Year 2 Badgers teaching assistant

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Avery – Teaching assistant

Mrs Bywater – Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Burrows – Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss Bonici – Higher level Teaching Assistant

SEN Department

Mrs Clarke – SENDCO 

Miss Southall – Department Teaching assistant

Miss Bell – Department Teaching Assistant


Mr Curtis

Family Liaison

Mrs Noctor – Family liaison officer 

Office staff

Mrs Shuttlewood – Administrator

Miss Marett – Administrator

Lunchtime staff

Miss Kelly – Lunch and play assistant

Mrs Ahmed – Lunch and play assistant 

Mrs Boulton – Lunch and play assistant 

Mrs Abbi – Lunch and play assistant 

Miss Moore – Lunch and play assistant 

Site staff

Mr Petch – Site supervisor

Mr Tarbard – Site supervisor 

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